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Climate Change

Climate change may be the single most important environmental issue in our lifetime. The impacts of a changing global climate will impact not only sea levels, but also food production, water availability and species survival. Climate change has the potential to create world wide instability, famine and drought.

Climate change also presents us with an opportunity to act as a global leader and lead a solution to this international crisis. Done the right way, we can replace dirty energy jobs with better paying clean technology jobs all across America.

I strongly support the Paris Climate Change Agreement and will support any effort to eliminate or reduce the use of fossil fuels and encourage the development of wind and solar resources. 

I oppose the extraction of oil, gas and coal on federal land and have fought for public land resources in Illinois, Minnesota and Arizona. 

Those who deny climate change science are lying to the American people. I will continue to be a voice for the environmental challenges we face and will be an advocate for climate change solutions.

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