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Health Care

The Affordable Care Act has had significant benefits to our health system. 20 million more Americans have health  insurance due to the ACA. In addition people cannot be denied coverage because of pre-existing conditions and young people can stay on their parents insurance until the age of 26. The ACA also eliminated lifetime spending caps on insurance policies. 

The positive aspects of the ACA certainly out-weigh the negative, however, many problems still exist. Rising premiums, confusion regarding what hospitals and services are in-network and less plan options are some of those issues. 

While I will fight to preserve the ACA and work to improve it where ever possible, I believe we need a single payer health care system that guarantees health insurance to all Americans.

Access to health care should be a right, not a privilege. I have set forth a comprehensive health care plan that includes major reforms. These reforms are aimed at:

1. Controlling the cost of health care for individuals, families and business,
2. Providing quality care to every American,
3. Controlling the cost of health care within our state and federal budgets.

1. We will control cost for families and businesses. The average employer pays 14% of its payroll towards health benefits and the average person pays 13% of their pay to cover health insurance premiums. Under this plan, the government would institute a payroll tax of 8.25%. This would actually reduce the amount of money spent by employers and employees.

My plan maintains the existing level of federal spending on Medicare and Medicaid. This current level of spending combined with the new payroll tax revenue would generate enough revenue to cover 100% of the medical costs for every American. Such a plan provides for certainty of cost for businesses and employees, prevents massive increases in future government spending, and provides quality health care to every American. Under my plan, every American would have health insurance. 

2. A universal, single payer health care system must include coverage for EVERY HOSPITAL and EVERY DOCTOR. When someone needs medical care they shouldn't need to worry which hospital or doctor is "in-network". 

3. We must give the federal government the right to negotiate drug prices for our new healthcare system. Large pharmaceutical companies should not be able to initiate uncontrolled price increases or limit access to life saving drugs for financial gain. We will also need to limit annual cost increases for services to ensure that the revenues collected can cover high quality care for all Americans.

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