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Social Security

Republicans in Congress keep telling us that social security is going broke and we must cut benefits, change the eligibility age or privatize it completely.

These are non-sense statements intended to kill one of the most important and successful social programs in our history.

Social Security currently has a $2.6 trillion surplus and can pay full benefits for the next 19 years, but that isn't enough. Too many seniors are living below the poverty line and relying solely on their Social Security benefits. 

I believe we should raise Social Security benefits. I support a bill introduced by Bernie Sanders that will increase Social Security benefits by $1300 per year. And I agree that we should pay for this increase in benefits by lifting the tax cap on Social Security.

Currently income only up to $118,500 is taxed for Social Security. I would remove the cap and tax all income. We have a moral and social obligation to take care of our seniors. I don't think asking the wealthiest Americans to pay more in taxes is asking too much.

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