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Women's Rights

We have an obligation to recognize that women are not treated equally in our current society. Women earn only 79 percent of the pay as men doing the same job. This inequality demonstrates a need for Progressive leaders to lend a voice to women's issues. 

I support the Paycheck Fairness Act that will require equal pay for equal work.

Besides working to create an equal playing field in employment, I believe strongly in the right of choice. The difficult decision of an abortion should be made between a woman and her doctor.

It always amazes me how Republicans want to reduce government regulations and government involvement in personal decisions, yet when it comes to women's issues they seem to believe the opposite. Along those lines, I oppose any health insurance limitations on birth control. No employer, hospital or insurance company should be able to deny access to contraception. 

I also support health initiatives. Planned Parenthood is a right wing target even though they provide critical female and family medical services. Cancer screenings, HIV testing and affordable quality primary health care services are provided by Planned Parenthood. We should be expanding funding to health clinics and providers like Planned Parenthood. I won't stand for the smear campaign the right-wing has dumped on women and Planned Parenthood.

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